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Praise for Marty Beckerman's Previous Books

"Beckerman uses the deft and subtle touch of a sledgehammer. If you can read this entire book without being offended, then there is a good chance that you are illiterate. If you can read this entire book and not enjoy it, then there's a good chance you take yourself too seriously."
—Christian Lander, author of Stuff White People Like

"Anything by Marty Beckerman has instant cool cred."
—Ned Vizzini, author of It's Kind Of a Funny Story

"[A]musing, and often laugh-out-loud... Beckerman's research is, to put it in very clear terms, exceptional."
—The Guardian

"Required reading."
New York Post

"[H]ilarious yet powerful... many of his rants are on point."

"Marty Beckerman is the Lenny Bruce of his generation."
—John Strausbaugh, author of Sissy Nation

"[F]unny and gleefully provocative."
The Boston Phoenix

"The work is a surprisingly nuanced critique of contemporary culture."
—Washington City Paper

"Marty Beckerman is one of the great young journalists of our time."
—Mancow Muller, syndicated radio host

"[F]unny but also complex..."
—Suicide Girls

"[S]cathing humor/social commentary... Beckerman is reckless, onanistic, and indulgent on an Eggers-ian scale. He's also a sick, funny little f***ing motherf***er."
San Francisco Weekly

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